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Hi, Koval Expert, S.L. is an insurance mediation company led by Irina Koval. If you allow us to be your insurance mediator, we will assist you in the best possible way, informing you of the best product that suits your needs.

About us

Team led by Irina Koval with extensive experience in the insurance sector, especially in People Insurance, Health Insurance & Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, Accident Insurance, Repatriation, without prejudice to other branches (Home Insurance, Automobile, etc.).

He began his career at the Sanitas Company (Bupa Group) as a mediator having subsequently acquired the Title of University Expert in Insurance by the UNED, which allows him to practice in Group A of the sector, as a broker.

Currently, it counts among its products, those offered by the DKV Group since it has specific products for foreign citizens and residents.

Our main Insurance



An app to manage your health insurance


DKV has its own free mobile app created with the aim of facilitating procedures and procedures for its clients, searching for a medical staff that, in addition to including a trace by location, includes searching by zip code as well as incorporating the most used specialties.

This app allows you to consult your data, locate branches and DKV Health Spaces and access special promotions from your mobile phone.

In addition, the app has a personalized notification service and with it you can save the data of favorite doctors to always have them available.

Likewise, you can request duplicates of card, particular conditions, certificate of travel assistance.

It also facilitates the submission of complaints or claims, which can be done through a simple form.



The DKV application for reimbursement insurance

This application is aimed at DKV customers who have contracted one of the special Refund modules.

It allows speeding up the reimbursement of expenses by sending a single photograph of the invoice. In less than 7 days the refund amount is paid.

It facilitates the follow-up of refund requests.

Easy access to reimbursement insurance history



With the ‘Care of me’ app, you can…


Measure your level of health with the Healthy Life Index

Create your global health biography: how you are, how you are, how you feel and what you do

Improve or maintain your health indicators

Monitor your physical activity, your weight, your blood pressure, your sleep hours, etc.

Synchronize with Google Fit, Apple Health, Garmin and Fitbit

In addition, it is free!



The video medical consultation or chat app with symptom checker that will allow you to obtain a medical orientation, in a totally private and secure way. This will prevent you from traveling and waiting.

Your doctor online

Check your symptoms or those of a family member

Virtual medical consultation

You can send images and documents to the doctor

Also by video consultation


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DKV has provided its insurance and services with a socially responsible side.

– Extension of hiring ages

They allow people up to 75 years to hire a health policy.

– Pre-existing diseases

It allows to insure pre-existing illnesses before the signature of the insurance by paying a premium.

– Lifetime policy clause

DKV voluntarily waives its right to terminate the health contract after three consecutive years have elapsed since the effective date, provided that the insured has not breached his obligations.

– DKV Ecofuneral

The first death policy with certificate

– DKV Ecohogar

The first ecological home insurance

DKV group

The strength of an international group

We belong to the ERGO Insurance Group, which in turn is part of the Munich RE Group


One of the first five medical insurance companies in the country, through our two commercial brands in Spain: DKV and ERGO.

In addition, several studies have repeatedly recognized us as the insurance company with the most satisfied customers.

The Group markets direct insurance in the areas of: Health, Death, Home, Income, Accidents and Life.

Integra brands:

DKV Insurance: Health, Accident, Income, Home and Death Insurance.

ERGO Life: Life Insurance.

In addition, DKV manages the public health care of the Marina Alta region, in the Valencian Community, through the company Marina Salud, 65% owned by the DKV Group.


– From DKV we are committed to a growth and differentiation model based on specialization and experience in health insurance, also offering subsidies, accidents, home and death insurance.

ERGO: LIFE. International reference in direct insurance and with a presence in Spain, ERGO offers life insurance, with an innovative, fresh and open vision.

DKV Seguros is ranked 4th in the health care ranking and 3rd in the ranking of medical expenses reimbursements.


  • Referents in health: because we offer high quality and innovative products, services and solutions.
  • Quality and service: as the center of the organization. We take care of people and values
  • Innovation: permanent products and services. Adaptability
  • Responsible business: we meet the needs of our stakeholders especially in the following territories: childhood obesity, disability, environment and active aging
  • Unique customer experience: we treat our customers in a personal, simple and transparent way
  • Commitment: in the long term with our stakeholders and customers. Corporate responsibility
  • Power: international group. Wide range of products for all levels. Sustainable Competitiveness


Our dream: we strive for a healthy world


We want to be the reference option for those who wish to take care of their health and theirs throughout their lives


We contribute to the improvement of people’s health and well-being through insurance and excellent solutions in a responsible way.




  • Simplicity. Less, easier, simpler, shorter
  • Honesty. There is no other way of being and acting or Warmth. We like people, we have real interest in them, we are attentive to their needs.
  • Authenticity. Unique, we are like that, true to ourselves
  • Courage. Face challenges, create challenges, create the future.


As a company, DKV has a philosophy that involves all workers in order to work with high standards of quality and service. A work that does not go unnoticed and has received several awards, among which are:


Best Health company by the ADECOSE Barometer (Spanish Association of Insurance brokerages)

TOP 20 Award for the best “Global Hospital Management” to Denia Hospital

Prize for the best nursing research work at the ICU of Denia Hospital

No. 30 among the 100 companies with the best corporate reputation in Spain and No. 2 in the health care sector ranking


Seal of Excellence 500+ (Recognize for Excellence 5 stars)

Award for Insurance Innovation of the DKV website in the framework of Fujitsu World Tour

ISO 9001 Certificate in Home, Death, Life, Health, Accident, Income and DKV Services


First Prize in the IV Edition of the Healthy Company Awards of the HR Observatory

7th best company to work within the category of organizations between 500 and 1000 employees of the Great Place to Work® ranking



We strive for a more responsible world


COMMITMENT Be the preferred company for their responsible actions.


AXES Responsible management Involvement of interest groups Responsible innovation
OBJECTIVES Promote integrity and its perception by internal and external interest groups. Increase stakeholder involvement with the responsibility of DKV. Reference company in responsible innovation

Offer: quality products / services / solutions / safety and health / customer experience

Integrity: ethical behavior / responsible supply chain

Work: fair salary / fair treatment

Environment: do not impact negatively

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